What Do You Really Want? 

All big changes start in our minds. Very often the reason that we neglect our finances is that we have never really thought about all of the issues in a focused way. Most of us only think about money when we won’t have enough to buy something we want, or to pay our bills rather than thinking about the money that we do have or will have and what we should do with it.

It’s also very common to think about money in a short-term way – what we have this week or fortnight or month and what we are able to do with the money that comes in this pay period. It’s very hard to change how you think about your money or how you plan your finances without thinking about the bigger picture.

Think about some of the things you want:

Do you want to:
  • Be debt free? 
  • Visit relatives or see the world? 
  • Be able to retire comfortably? 
  • Own your own home?
Thinking about what you want is important, because money is only a tool to get them – and if you don’t know what really matters you will find it difficult to find the motivation to do what needs to be done. When the going gets tough you need to be able to remind yourself what you are striving for.
 Kaua e whakaarohia te mahinga engari te otinga 
Think not on the labour, rather reflect on the completion
Stop Digging!