Useful resources

Living Off the Smell of an Oily Rag is a useful New Zealand website that provides tips and ideas for saving money in almost every area of your life.

NZ Money Talk is a website that provides advice on cutting costs and managing money more effectively.

Sorted is a financial website that provides many useful calculators and advice for getting your finances into shape.

Kiwi Families provides ideas on parenting and making money work for your whānau.
For more advice and ideas try the Kid spot website.

The Federated Family Budgeting Services has an excellent website of ideas and inspiration for managing your finances. It can also help you find a free budgeting service that suits you.

Kiwi Money Saver is a website for getting better value on the purchases you make.

The Consumers Advice Bureau has information on managing your money and where to go for more help.

The Kiwi Saver website has lots of information on what savings scheme is best for you.

The Consumer website has a number of resources for making the most out of your money.

When it comes to saving money on your electricity bill there are a number of useful resources. The Power Switch website has useful tips on saving energy as does the Government Energy Wise website. The What’s my number website has a calculator which can quickly tell you if you are getting the best value with your current energy provider. The Community Energy Action website has information on subsidised insulation and also runs a curtain bank for whānau in need.