Tips for cutting down your transport costs

1) Take the Bus, Bike or Walk

Look at your whānau’s travel patterns and needs. Can some or all whānau members catch a bus, bike or walk instead? You may be surprised to find that biking can actually be much quicker when you factor in traffic and parking. It also provides you with an extra source of exercise. 

2) Organise a car pool 

If you live nearby to someone from work or your tamariki live near others from their school look at options for a carpool. This can be a real saving to your car costs. Also think about how much you use your car on the weekends – dropping kids at sports and other activities all over town can be costly and car pooling may be a good option for this also. 

3) Organise your trips

Taking lots of short unplanned trips can really increase the amount you spend on fuel. Try and work out what you need to do at the start of the week and see how you can manage your time to minimize your fuel usage. For example, if you need to go over to the other side of town to pick something up try to work other errands into this trip. This means you won’t be making separate trips, saving you money and time. 

4) Think about how many vehicles your whānau need 

If you own two vehicles and want to save some money you may want to consider selling one. Running two cars is not cheap. It's not not just for your petrol bill but also two sets of registrations, warrants of fitness, maintenance and servicing. This is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly, but it could save you money, while also leading you to make decisions that are better for your health and the environment.