Have a (Budget) Plan 

The average worker in New Zealand will earn about two million dollars in a lifetime – that’s right, $2m! And many households have more than one income – the average household income is $67,000. These are big numbers and this amount of money deserves to be planned for.

When we plan week to week or month to month we miss the big picture and we fail to ask ourselves where we want our money to go and what we want it to do. Good budgets take into account the whole year and everything we are likely to need or want to spend money on.

Remember: The biggest decision should be choosing the amount of money that you don’t spend! After all, spent is spent. The most important money is the money that we choose to keep. That’s the money that will give you choices and independence in future years and that will allow you to have some of what you were dreaming about.

You will need to consider all of your fixed expenses – food, transport, utilities, and allocate amounts to these. Make sure that you do not overlook bills that don’t come monthly such as car registration, school fees, warrant of fitness, as these often blow the budget. The best list of things that New Zealander's need to allocate money can be found on the budgeting tool at You can print off the list or you can do your budget online and save it. Then you can monitor and update it using your password.

When you have chosen the amount you are going to save and decided on what you need for fixed expenses you can spend what’s left on discretionary things – hobbies, leisure and entertainment.

 "I will decide where my money goes"
 Te tōia tē haumatia 
Nothing can be achieved without a plan, a working party and a way of doing things
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