Kanohi ki te kanohi approach

Hopefully this website has got you thinking about your finances. Some people however prefer sitting down with someone to have a chat. If that's your preference we recommend that you visit the website of the New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services Inc (the Federation) www.familybudgeting.org.nz.

The Federation is a collective of community organisations sharing a common code of ethics, philosophy, and commitment to delivering top quality, free budgeting advice to whānau and individuals. The current membership comprises 150 budgeting services nationwide that employ more than 1,500, mostly volunteer, staff. 

This website will allow you to choose a budgeting service that best suits you and have access to budgeting services for free. Take some time to learn about the financial issues that concern you before you meet with someone, so that way you will get the most out of the services they provide.