Help from the Government

There is a range of ways in which the government can financially assist you with the cost of raising tamariki.

WINZ: When approaching WINZ it pays to be prepared.

  1. Read up first: if you need financial help and believe that you are entitled to a government benefit then find out a bit more about it before you go into WINZ and list the reasons why this entitlement is for you. This will make things much easier for both parties. 

  2. Bring everything you need when you meet with WINZ: this will help you get your entitlements earlier. For everything that you need to bring to your WINZ meeting see: 
    If these are not clear to you then clarify what you need by phone – even if you are put on hold, it will save you time later. 

  3. Always keep your cool:  If you feel that you are being treated unfairly keep calm and leave. If this is an ongoing problem you may want to think about bringing a third party as support.

Early Childhood Care 

Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) is a payment which helps whānau with the costs of before and after-school programmes as well as school holiday programmes. 

The New Employment Transition Grant  is a payment which helps people who are no longer on a benefit and who can't work because of sickness or a breakdown in childcare arrangements. 

Working for Families is a package designed to help make it easier to work and raise a family – however, it is not available to the families of beneficiaries.    Greater financial support is available for: 
  • almost all families with children, earning under $70,000 a year
  • many families with children, earning up to $100,000 a year 
  • some larger families earning more. 
  • it is not available to the families of beneficiaries. 
You can use the online calculator available through the IRD to find out what you are entitled to: 

You can then register online for Working for Families tax credits online.

For more information on supporting children and families follow the link below to the WINZ website: