Grocery Shopping

Are your food habits making you poor? 

It is very easy to spend a lot on groceries every week and the prices of food can blow your budget. Calculate how much you spend each week in food – are you (and your budget) comfortable with this amount?

If not check these ten tips 

Case Study – Eating the House
Teena and Phil live on the West Coast with their four children. Needless to say it’s a busy life and it’s a struggle to make ends meet. Phil and Teena are lucky that they have their own home. However, while their mortgage payments are small (no more than rent would cost) they are failing to get ahead. 

It was a bit of a mystery so they decided to track all of their spending for a series of weeks to find out where all the money was going. When they sat down to look at the information they had collected it was obvious – the major problem was the supermarket. 

Phil and Teena thought they were shopping well and they believed that they did a big shop together once a week for their groceries. But most weeks they were making about three additional trips to the supermarket. And when they made these unscheduled visits they almost always bought other things they did not intend to buy − it all added up!  

Phil and Teena also noticed that they waste a lot of food. Often it was stuff they bought that they didn’t eat (lots of vegetables went in the bin) or food went off before they got around to using it. * 

Teena and Phil are fictitious but different versions of their stories have happened to many whānau.