Find Your Money 

Many people do not know where their money goes – it just goes! It is impossible to manage your money better if you do not know how you are spending it now. It is a great idea to go on a money hunt: take a small notebook with you and note every single expenditure – coffee, parking money, newspapers, dairy purchases, etc. After a few weeks sit down and do an analysis. You may be very surprised to see what happens to your money. We never forget that we spend hundreds of dollars on power or petrol, but we often forget to count the small stuff. And it’s our daily habits that ‘lose’ a lot of our money.
 He iti wai kowhao waka e tahuri te waka 
A little water seeping through a lashing hole may swamp a canoe
Annualise your costs
If you buy your lunch ($10) every day you go to work it will cost $50 each week. With a four week holiday you are at work 240 days a year so that lunch is costing you $2400 each year. Hope you enjoy it! 

You can do this exercise with lots of other things – flowers, takeaways, cigarettes, alcohol, cosmetics, eating out, newspapers. When you know where your money is going you can consider whether that is what you wish to continue doing or whether you would prefer to use this money to fund some of your dreams. Some of these habits on their own are enough to provide all of your retirement savings if the money was invested instead! 

"I know where my money goes"

Have a (budget) plan