How good are your money habits?

One of the things that sneaks up on all of us over time are habits – it might be a habit of staying up a little too late, or pressing the snooze button each morning when the alarm goes off. Some of us may develop good and sustaining habits such as walking the dog each morning or spending more time with our children each day. We make our habits to begin with but over time our habits make us! Everyone has lots of habits – both good and bad. Unfortunately it’s much easier to acquire a bad habit than to grow and maintain a good habit. Often we are unaware of our habits– we become so used to behaving in a certain way that we don’t stop to think about the impact of our behaviours. This is nowhere more evident than how we deal with money. 

Your money habits

Do you have the money habits that lead to having control over your finances and that ultimately will give you financial freedom? People who have good financial habits aren’t necessarily smarter than anyone else and they don’t necessarily earn more money. It’s usually because they behave differently with their money – they have good money habits. It’s really quite easy to look at what you do with your money, identify your bad habits and decide to make some changes. The best way to do this is to identify your bad money habits and to work on changing them one at a time while continuing to do the things that work well. 

Ask yourself:

  • Do you desire financial freedom? 
  • Do you have problems managing your debt? 
  • Do you have long-term goals, but just can’t seem to get there? 
  • Are you struggling to pay your bills? 
  • Do you have dreams for you and your whānau? 
  • Is the increased cost of living crippling you?”

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The financial habits quiz was developed by the Ngai Tahu Financial Independence Programme planner, Joan Baker.