Having fun and doing the things you enjoy with your loved ones (or by yourself if you need a bit of time out!) doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some tips for keeping your entertainment costs down. Remember if you allow for entertainment in your budget you will know exactly how much you can spend on it.

Find out what is happening

Check your local council website or brochures for events that are happening in your area. Much of the entertainment provided by councils is free or minimal cost and can be a lot of fun, eg: Teddy Bears Picnic, Christmas in the Park.

Eating out 

If you are having a night out, try skipping on the booze. This is the main budget blow out for many people. If you do want to go out for a meal and have a drink, then plan to go to a BYO restaurant. The prices are usually good for the meals and if you bring your own wine your bill should be less. 

Get involved in volunteering 

Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people and contribute positively towards your community. Find something that you are passionate about and feel that you can make a difference in. There are a number of websites to help you find a volunteer position that suits you. Make the most of your unique talents and give them back to those who need them! To find out more try: 
If you can’t find anything in your region through the website, why not get in touch with a charity that you are familiar with in your area. 

Get active

Spending some of your free time on sports or other forms of exercise, can not only be fun, but is important for your health and can give you a new lease on life. The Sports New Zealand website is able to direct you to something which will suit your fitness level and interests. Get involved, meet new people and set a good example for your tamariki. 

Concession Cards and Season Passes 

If there are certain things you or your tamariki do regularly it may be a good idea to buy a season pass or a concession card as this usually works out cheaper. 

Find yourself a deal 

Going out for dinner with a loved one or doing activities with the tamariki can be expensive, but often there are deals on the internet to help you save on your favourite pastimes. While these website don’t have deals in all regions you may want to try:

Get to know the local libraries

Local libraries provide great free entertainment. If you have little ones it also provides a good chance to get out of the house. If the library is not too far away then try walking down as this will give you and your tamariki some exercise and save you on the fuel bill. The key to the library is making sure you return the books on time as there are fines for late or lost books. 

Make the most of the beauty of Aotearoa 

New Zealand has an amazing variety of public parks, reserves and beaches. Round up the whānau, take a picnic, a frisbee or a ball and enjoy what our country has to offer. 

TV, DVD’s and movies 

SKY: Do you need it? Sky can be a massive cost to your whānau every month and getting rid of it may help to get you one step closer to your financial goals.  

Going to the movies isn't cheap especially when you bring the whole whānau. Why not get a DVD out instead and have a movie night at home. If you do want to go to the movies you may want to: 
  • Go on days or times of the week when they are cheaper. 
  • Get concession cards. 
  • See if you can find a voucher – if you or someone you know has an ‘entertainment book’ there are always deals for movie theatres in them. Otherwise you can look online to see if you can get a deal. 
  • If you do go to the movies it's a good idea to bring your snacks with you as it's usually quite costly to buy at the theatre.  
Get a movie from the DVD store: a number of DVD stores have weekly releases for $1 from Mon-Thurs. Think ahead and get that movie for the weekend during the week.